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Report on The Seventh National Earth Day Commemoration:

Women in Greening Degraded Land






Theme  “Forest for Ethiopian Renaissance”


As part of its strategic objectives,  Climate Change Forum – Ethiopia jointly celebrate National tree planting day on July 6/2014 with Ministry of Environment and Forest, Greener Ethiopia, Metal and Engineering Corporation  and  Addis Ababa Muslim Council in late prime Minister  Meles Zenaw memorial park, located in Kolfe Keranio Sub city of Addis Ababa city. FDRE house of peoples’ representatives, higher governments Officials from Ministry of Environment and forest, Addis Ababa City Environmental Protection Authority, Research Institution and invited organizations have take part. W/ro Abrehet the representative of Addis Ababa City Environmental Protection Authority welcomed participants of tree planting held at Kolfe Keranio Sub City. She highlighted the fact that tree planting has unique feature in Addressing climate change impacts to the Ethiopian economy she also mentioned that special concern should be given to endangered trees species when celebrating this event. Besides she has ensured that the Authority will play a significant role in maintaining planted trees and prevention of water pollution in the city.

H.E. Ato Kebede Yimam, State Minister, Ministry of Environment and Forest made an opening speech and highlighted the fact that this tree planting has great contribution in awareness rising in addressing climate change impact. He said the Government of Ethiopia is striving in mitigation of climate change impact through developing Climate Resilience Green Economy strategy (CRGE) on which forest development is a pillar and this year 4.1 billion tree seedlings were raised in different Region. Furthermore, He mentioned that the Ministry will ensure any development strategy is not against the health of the society.         

Following H.E. Ato Kebede Yimam remarks, Dr. Yigremachey Seyoum, Forest policy and regulation directorate director as part of awareness presented a brief paper on Forest development, forestry science, forest development in developing countries, history of forest in Ethiopia and the importance of forest in Ethiopia for tree planting attendants. Discussion and suggestion were given on the presentation.

Finally, tree planting was launched by H.E. Ato Kebede Yimam and more than 220 attended the event.

Climate Change Forum – Ethiopia also fully involved in tree planting event prepared by Addis Ababa “Edir Association” held at Gelan town of Oromia Special zone on July 26/2014 more than 110 people drawn from Gelan Town Administration, Addis Ababa “Edir Association”, Akaki branch Red Cross Society members and government institutions attended tree planting event.

 Ato Tamirat G/Mariam, Chairman of Adis Ababa “Edir” Council welcomed participants to tree planting event. Following his speech, Dr Girma Balcha, Executive Director of Climate Change Forum – Ethiopia made an opening speech and highlighted that climate change variable extreme events put the country’s economy at risk unless otherwise resilience mechanisms designed jointly with government, citizens and NGOs, SCOs and CBOs. Finally He noticed that such type of intervention measures should be maintained and forest tending operation should have to in place for sustainable use of trees planted.

Finally tree planting was launched by the representative of Gelan town Administration Office and more than 2500 trees planted.



Climate Change Forum- Ethiopia celebrated 2014 World Environment Day with people at grass root level by tree planting and discussion

Climate Change Forum – Ethiopia’s vision is Championing a low carbon and climate resilient future for Ethiopia through effective community based adaptation, mitigation and climate action coordination.  Its strategic objectives focus and work areas are; community based adaptation and livelihood, community based mitigation and climate action coordination. Its vision and objectives make the Forum to participate on celebration of special days such as Earth Day, Women Day, and Environmental Day etc... This year world environmental day was celebrated in Oromia Special Zone, Sebeta Awas Woreda, Bonde rural Kebele, in an area where land degradation is severe. More than 350 people, most of them farmers, drawn from community based organization, government and inhabitants of Bonde attended the events.

degradation School Children

The event started as culture of Oromo by elders blessing the event. Following their blessing Ato Kenenisa, chair of Bonde rural Kebele expressed his deepest gratitude to Climate Change Forum - Ethiopia and Sebeta Awas woreda Administration for their enthusiasm to organise the event in a place where real practitioners on land live. Further he mentioned the current situation of their local area in a simple and understandable way for instance drying of rivers and spring, disappearance of wild life and soil fertility loss. The challenges of environmental resource degradation should be critically viewed by people otherwise the consequences will affect their very existence.

Blessing by three elders Attendants of the event Ato Kenenisa speaking to the attendants


Following Ato Kenenisa’s remarks, Dr. Girma Balcha, Executive Director of the Forum expressed his appreciation for the presence of Bonde rural Kebele inhabitants and government officials from different sectors. The Director mentioned the historical trends why the world celebrates Environmental Day in general and so does our country in particular. The underlining consequences of environmental problem are climate change, land degradation, loss of biodiversity, extinction of plants and animal, habitat loss, spread of human and animal disease, incidence of invasive species, low production productivity and finally impacted on food insecurity and other social problems.

Finally, he mentioned that the ongoing degraded land treatment through the support of Climate Change Forum - Ethiopia should be maintained to make the land more productive, draw lessons out of it and eventually to scale out the good practices to the neighbouring rural Kebeles.

Dr. Girma Speaking about the world environment day


Ato Chala Adere, vice Administrator and Head of Agricultural Ofice of Sebeta Awas Woreda expressed his appreciation for Climate Change Forum – Ethiopia and active and interesting presentation of Bonde rural Kebele inhabitants. He mentioned that the issue of environment has been the priority agenda of the government and mainstreamed in every annual plan. Environmental concern is not only left to certain organisations or individuals, but should be an issue all requiring coordination by the government and engagement of the public at large like land rehabilitation activities undertaken by Bonde rural Kebele inhabitants.

This event is an opportunity where awareness raising conducted for farming communities and community leaders. In his briefing, Ato Chala raised the good practices undertaken in Bonde rural Kebele with the support obtained from the Climate Change Forum - Ethiopia with an opportunity to extend these lessons to neighbouring communities.

Community Participation

The final event of the Day was completed by planting trees in the degraded land.The Vice Administrator of Sebeta Woreda, Director of the Forum and the Communities were Involved in tree planting.

Tree Planting

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